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Oct 14, 2011

Join me, your spiritual consultant, and my friend from Nice, France, Caroline Rossy to discuss her new program Feel Good Coaching and my part of the show 'all that jazz'. '....and all that jazz' is a saying which basically means all the above and more.  So, I would like to add on to her good worshop, Feel Good Coaching, by providing my own techinques to live the life you want to live so you can say 'c'est la vie'! Another great expression I love to use. The Feel Good Coaching is a process to help you become the ultimate you!  Throughout the show, Caroline will talk about her program, I will also provide some techniques, and we will be giving readings!  So, call in early to get your reading done first!! Caroline Rossy is an entrepreneur, masssuse, intuitive healer and reader. Her websites are:  She can also be found on the website: Her facebook page is:   Join us at 2pm EDT; 1pm CDT; Noon MDT; 11pm PDT; 7pm in the UK; 8pm in France For time zone check go to The call in number for domestic callers is 619-994-1641 The call in number for international callers is (must use skype) 917-889-7908