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Mar 2, 2012

The four clairs: Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant! There are actually two 'bonus' clairs, clairolfactory & clairgustance. These clairs are gifts from Spirit to help you in your spiritual journey. Lets discuss these clairs, find out what your strongest clairs are and do some exercises!  I will be giving readings as well. So, make sure you call the show! Call in numbers: domestic-619-996-1641; international-917-889-7908 Tia Johnson is a certified Dream Coach and a Reiki Pracitioner under the Usui technique.  In addition, she is an Intuitive and a crystal therapist. Links: Twitter: @the_vss Pinterest: Tiaviolet Time Zone Check: 2pm EST; 1pm CST; Noon MST; 11am PST; 7pm UK; 8pm France;