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Oct 7, 2011

Join me on Friday October 7th at 2pm EST to discuss your chakras; how to understand what's going on with your energy centers, how it relates to your daily issues (good and bad),  and how to heal or improve those centers!   There are seven major chakras, your wheels of energy, throughout your body: root at the base of your spine sacral just under the navel solar plexus at the navel heart at the heart throat at the throat third eye located between your eyebrows crown located at the top of you head We will discuss your issues or gifts (if you don't have any problems), how they relate to your chakras ( whether you notice it or not!), and how you can begin to heal or improve that chakra.  For example, if you are finding that it's hard for you to manifest the friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/job/dress/car in your life it would relate to your throat chakra, the ability to communicate what you want and express your need and yourself so that you are what you desire because we can not want change if we ourselves do not change.  In addition, it relates to your heart chakra and other chakras. Therefore, I will provide advice via readings etc.  So, join The Violet Sanctuary Spa on blogtalkradio this Friday!  Call in for readings! Mind the ties zones: 2pm EST; 1pm CST; Noon MST; 11am PST; 7pm UK. For domestic callers, the number is 619-994-1641 For international callers (must use skype), the number is 917-889-7908.