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Apr 21, 2021

Welcome to The Unlock Your Magick Summit!

In this episode, Tia discusses The Unlock Your Magick Summit that takes place 29 April -1 May.

The Unlock Your Magick Summit is a 3-day FREE virtual summit for witches, spell casters, goddesses, healers, and the spiritually inclined alike.

The Unlock Your Magick Summit is here to support YOU to ignite that spark you've been feeling to unlock the depths of you, which includes your magick.

Day 1: Practical Magick
Day 1 will focus on the logic and reasoning, behind the scene work, such as confidence, boundaries, creating daily rituals, life purpose, spiritual & business.

Day 2: Unlocking Your Magick
Day 2 will focus on discovering and harnessing one's gifts, such as the clairs, sacred feminine archetypes, and visualization magick.

Day3: Enchantment Magick
Day 3 will focus on using magick to create that desirable magickal life, such as protection magick, menstrual divination, female and male energy, and self-love rituals.

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