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Oct 21, 2011

Join me, your Spiritual Consultant, with the author of The Fear Standard- A guide and Personal Journey to Regain our Intuitive Spirit, Triza Schultz, to discuss Uncovering Blockages and Finding the Path towards Healing! Since childhood, Triza has been an intuitive empath medium; experiencing two significant visions, on at the age of 7 and the other at age 19.  Thus, this began preparing her to question the nature of her personal reality. In 1997, Triza made a life changing decision when  she ended her corporate career of 26 years to persue her spiritual path of being a writer and spiritual student-advisor-teacher. Triza services include guided spiritual readings, past life recognition, meditations, and individualized dream work.  Furthermore, Triza will discuss her journey of healing from lyme disease. In addition, I will talk about blockages I faced before and after my foot surgery. We will be taking callers and helping you to uncover your blockages and find the path to healing. Triza's websites: facebook for consultations: search for her book on and The call in number for domestic callers is 619-994-1641 and for international callers (must use skype) 917-889-7908. Time check: The show will start at 2pm EDT 1pm CDT; Noon MDT; 11am PDT; 7pm UK; 8pm France