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Apr 20, 2017

In this podcast, Tia will discuss chapter 1 of her latest book, How To Get To The Point In Your Life.  Tia will provide insightful information on three main things we need to let go to move to the next level in our life.  Tia will also give a bonus discount code for her book in the show. Based in Philadelphia, Tia is an spiritual life coach, international speaker, and best-selling author. Tia loves helping spiritually centered people crack the code of their intuitive gifts & overcome energetic blocks. She does this by providing the clarity they need and intuitive solutions so they can lead a phenomenal life they'll love.  For close to a decade, Tia has spoken to thousands of people nationally and internationally at several events, such as the Mind, Body, Sprit Expo, DivaGirl and Women's Empowerment Conferences, and empowerment cruises. Tia has been featured in several publications and radio shows, such as Suburban Life and Australia's I AM woman magazines, and WDAS and BENFM radio stations.  Grab Tia's latest book, How To Get To The Point In Your Life at Website: Facebook group: Spiritual Wellness & Empowerment   Instagram: