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Jan 19, 2015

Join Tia as she discuss how we can have spiritual success by rebuilding our spiritual foundations.  it's easy to become overwhelmed and become off course from our spirituality.  In Part I, Tia will discuss the importance of the following: Ask for what you wantBe activeClear, cancel, deleteSelf-careSpiritual knowledgeDefine your spiritualityPrayers and affirmationsUnderstanding the laws of the universeKnow your energyGet comfortable (but we had to be uncomfortable for us)   Based in Philadlephia, Tia is an author, speaker, spiritual mentor. Tia focuses on helping women to ignite their spirituality and empower their quality of life. Tia's book, To Be Goddess: Every Woman Is A Goddess Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme was #30 Amazon best-seller for Women's Personal Growth. Currently, Tia is an Organizational Dynamics graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. You can visit Tia's website at Do you have a topic you would like Tia to address on the show or would like to be a guest on the show? Please email Tia at Time Zone of the show is 7pm eastern. Please visit to know what time the show airs in your area.