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Jan 13, 2012

Join me, your Spiritual Consultant, on Friday, January 13th to receive your spiritual tune up and raise your vibration! We, inadvertently, pick up negative, lower energy, because we go places, such as the mall, work, or school, where we become exposed to people who may have negative thoughts and so forth.  Some people can be emotional vampires, drain our energy and leave parts of their energy in your aura causing us to feel the way they tend to feel. Thus, causing our chakras to be in disharmony. Well, no worries!  Lets set some boundaries, relax, and clear oursleves through the use of Reiki! As a certified Reiki practioner I will lead you through techinques and meditations to cleanse your chakras and bring in more of that positive energy.  Even if you aren't experiencing any of the above, still tune and/or call in and receive some free chakra cleansing and Reiki Therapy.  Do make sure to call in to the show! Call in numbers: domestic callers is 619-996-1641 international callers is 917-889-7908 Links: Time zone check:  2pm EST; 1pm CST; Noon MST; 11am PST; 7pm UK; 8pm France