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Nov 4, 2011

Join me, your Spiritual Consultant, at 2pm EST this Friday, with Laurie Heroux to discuss your Power Animals!  We will discuss how to connect with your power animals, what they mean to you, how to use them in your life, provide readings, and so forth.  Laurie Heroux is a ~Certified Angel Practitioner® by Charles Virtue. ~Certified Medium by Charles Virtue & Tina Daly. ~Certified IPTouch™ Small Animal Massage & Care Provider. ~Animal Intuitive • Empath • Scorpio. ~ (Currently taking) ATP® Certification - Angel Therapy Practitioner® with Doreen Virtue. Call in for readings to discuss why you are attracted to a certain animal and its energy.  Or maybe you dreamt of an animal and want to know the significance of that dream!  Well, now is the time to address your concerns about the animal kingdom! Join the chat room during the show for discussions! Links: ♥ Please visit and "JOIN" our Group! ♥ Blessings, Love and Angelic Light, Laurie ♥ ¤ ♥ Laughter, Spirituality, Love, Honesty, Respect, Kindness, Communication & Trust creates a Divine Life! Namaste ♥ Call in for domestic users is 619-996-1641 Call in number for international callers (must use skype) is 917-889-7908 Time zone check: 2pm EDT; 1pm CDT; Noon MDT; 11am PDT; 7pm UK; 8pm