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Sep 23, 2011

If you have been following me for a while, then you know that crystals are one of my favorite topics! I just love them! We use crystals each day ...more than we realize.  Crystals are used in watches, scanning machines for the body, tvs, charm braclets, rings, and so forth.  Each crystal has a purpose and a vibration...think diamond as a wedding ring or pearls to promote being sophisticated.  There are many categories of crystals, such as rock and gem.  There are crystals that can be used for dreaming.for attracting, for healing, and for meditating. Tune in on Friday 2pm EDT (1pm CDT; noon MDT; and 11am PDT ) and have a conversation with me and how you can use crystals to help you throughout the day. The call in number for domestic callers is 619-996-1641 and for international callers the number is 917-889-7908.  Don't forget to press 1 to speak with me, the host! I look forward to talking with you!! Don't forget to follow the radioshow at