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Oct 28, 2011

Join me, your spiritual consultant, to discuss the very celebrated day of October 31st better known as Halloween or Samhain (pronounced Sow-in or Sau-in). We will talk about the origins of Halloween, some cool rituals to do, what to wear, how to party, how all this relates to you on a spiritual level, and so much more!  Before it was Halloween, to the Celts (Irish and Scottish) it was known as Samhain, which is gaelic for Summer's End. Samhain is a time of celebration, of the harvest, and to pay respects to the dead. In addition, I will discuss some cool rituals, Traditional and modern, for you so you can entertain your guests if you so choose to have a Halloween party. We will discuss some of the popular Halloween costumes, movies, etc all to make your Halloween the greatest. Furthermore, if you want to contact a love one passed I will give you tools on how to go about that as well. Last, I will explain to you how Halloween/Samhain is an important part of your life because it is a time of renewal, preparation, understanding your lineage, and so much more. Call in for readings and to discuss Samhain! Call in number for domestic callers is 619-996-1641 Call in number for international callers (must use skype) is 917-889-7908 The show will begin at 2pm EDT TIME CHECK: 1PM CDT; NOON MDT; 11AM PDT;; 7PM UK; 8PM FRANCE