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Aug 31, 2019

In this episode, Tia discusses life + lifestyle. She not only talks about lessons she has learned over the years but her great transformations that she didn’t plan for but gradually happened. Let her experiences cut down on your learning curves in life and provide great insights into other areas of your life.

Tia also discusses getting fillers under her eyes and Kybella under her chin and not feeling bad about that. How she paid out of pocket to get her teeth fixed. And, that we shouldn’t look at it as a vanity issue because if she hadn’t paid to get her teeth straightened, she would’ve been paying more to get her teeth REPLACED in a few years!!

Most importantly, it’s all about living life to the fullest and being in the present state as often as possible. Tia looks toward fulfillment and not acceptance of as many people as possible to feel a sense of love.


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Based in Philadelphia, Tia is an intuitive healer, international speaker, and best-selling author. Tia loves helping spiritually centered people crack the code of their intuitive gifts & overcome energetic blocks. For close to a decade, Tia has spoken to thousands of people nationally and internationally at several events, such as the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo, DivaGirl and Women's Empowerment Conferences, and empowerment cruises. Discover more at